PhD Programme Environmental Economics


The PhD research in the department of Environmental Economics investigates how economic growth (including the improvement of livelihoods for the world’s poor) and environmental sustainability can be reconciled. Part of the answer lies in the use of economic principles such as the polluter pays, market mechanisms for ecosystem services, resource use and flood protection, and other economic instruments such as environmental taxation. Our research tools include economic models, statistical analysis, empirical data collection (e.g. surveys, choice experiments) and methods such as cost-benefit analysis.

Important fields of application include IVM’s four main topic areas (water, climate, energy and ecosystems), but also other areas such as air pollution and waste. A list of our current key projects is found here. The PhD research is linked to three scientific themes, covering a wide range of policy relevant environmental themes: Economic Modelling, Economic Valuation and Economic Instruments. Click here for more information on the Environmental Economics department's research.

Enrolment: see PhD enrolment.


For more information or applications, please contact Dr Pieter van Beukering or Prof. Wouter Botzen.