BSc Earth Sciences, Economics and Sustainability


The Bachelor of Science Earth Sciences, Economics and Sustainability (mainly taught in Dutch: Aarde,Economie en Duurzaamheid) focuses on the broader topic of how to keep our economies healthy while facing major environmental issues around the globe. For this, we need to apply our scientific knowledge about the earth. Across large parts of the world, climate change is resulting in warmer winters and drier summers. Extensive regions are becoming increasingly vulnerable to flooding. Meanwhile, desert areas are expanding; the Mediterranean region, for example, is suffering from reduced citrus fruit harvests and drinking water shortfalls. Large-scale economic development, such as in China, and the long-term rise in oil prices, are creating demand for new sources of energy. The issues require a combined knowledge of Earth Sciences and Economics.

Contact: Dr. Mark Bokhorst

More information: VU website (Dutch).