Behavioural and governance research in the context of sustainability (2018-present)

SustainabilityAddressing sustainability challenges such as climate change and the energy transition also requires a change in individual behaviors and governance systems. One important research line of the Environmental Economics department of IVM therefore deals with how to initiate this change. EE researchers study individual pro-environmental behavior in various contexts such as energy and water use, flood risk prevention, or adoption of more climate-friendly technologies or management practices. Together with a network of other behavioral and governance researchers from the VU, the Environmental Economics department started an initiative to better connect behavioral and governance research at the VU in the context of sustainability. The aim of the network is to catalyze and cross-fertilizing research of all behavioural and governance researchers working in the context of sustainability and to provide stronger answers to many of today’s sustainability challenges.

Dr Julia Blasch is the contact person of the behavioural and governance research initiative: