Press Highlights


Environmental Economics

Environmental Policy Analysis

Members of the EPA department are regularly appearing in national and international media on topics ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss.

  • Interview in Swedish National Radio (P1) November 19, 2015, discussing the opportunities and challenges for companies taking global climate action. Link.
  • Debate article in the Internationale Spectator – Clingendael Magazine voor Internationale Betrekkingen (2015, No.3) on “Alles behalve het Klimaatverdrag: Een minder somber perspectief op mondiaal klimaatbeleid”. Link.

Water and Climate Risk

The Department of Water and Climate Risk has a strong outreach to society, and our research responds to and anticipates requests from policy makers in the domains of flood and drought risk. We envisage that research should serve society, and we therefore put much effort in communicating our results and recommendations. Examples of where our research has had an impact on policy and as highlighted in the media: