Staff Environmental Geography


Department head
Prof. Peter VerburgProfessor Environmental Spatial Analysis

Academic staff
Dr Jasper van Vliet(Deputy head) Senior Researcher / Assistant Professor
Dr Nynke SchulpSenior Researcher / Assistant Professor
Dr Verena Seufert
Assistant Professor


Dr Jac Davis
Research Associate
Dr Yue DouResearch Associate
Dr Anna Filyushkina
Research Associate

PhD students
Jonas Appelt
PhD student Assessment of Trade-off Processes between Sustainable Development Goals
Niels Debonne MSc PhD student Land Use Change and Telecoupling Modelling
Leen Felix MSc
PhD student
Kina Harmanny MSc
PhD student
Harun Kiruki MPhil.PhD student Woodland Degradation
Franziska Komossa MScPhD student Landscape Change and Public Goods
Perrine Laroche
PhD student Impacts of Changing Lifestyles and Ecosystem Services Demand in the Frame of Telecoupled Interactions
Floris Leijten
PhD student
Mengmeng Li  
PhD student Urban Environmental Analysis
Claudia Parra Paitan
PhD student Methods to Model Environmental and Social Impacts of Products and Services in Globalized Commodity Networks
Bep Schrammeijer MScPhD student Crowdsourcing Urban Land Use Change
Katharina Schulze MSc
PhD student Land Use Change and Competition
Rebecca Swart MSc
PhD student
Sarah Wolff MScPhD student Global Ecosystem Service Demand
Bohan Yang
PhD student Ecosystem Services and Cropland Trade-offs
Cecilia Zagaria MScPhD student Multi-agent Modelling of Cultural Landscape Change

Previous researchers

Dr Adenew AritiPostdoc Land Use Change and Information Systems
Fangfang Cai
PhD student Land Use and Planning
Dr Marthe Derkzen
Urban Ecosystem Services
Dr David EitelbergPostdoc Global Land Use Modelling
Dr Philipp Grötsch
Postdoc Aquatic Remote Sensing
Dr Richard Fuchs
Postdoc Land Use – Climate Interactions
Dr Joona Lehtomäki
Postdoc Conservation Planning
Dr Christine Ornetsmueller
Postdoc Land System Change
Dr Reinhard PrestelePostdoc Land Use and Climate Change
Laura Scherer
Postdoc Sustainable Agriculture
Dr Samantha Scholte
Postdoc Social Valuation of Ecosystem Services
Dr Julia Stürck Postdoc Land Use Change and Ecosystem Service Modelling
Dr Koen Tieskens
Postdoc Cultural Heritage Landscape Dynamics
Dr Willem Verhagen
Postdoc Ecosystem Service Modelling
Karina Zelaya MScPhD student Agricultural Land System Change