Dr J. van Vliet

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( environmental geography )


Jasper’s main research interest are land system changes and their underlying drivers. The challenge in his current research is to disentangle the wide range of socio-economic and biophysical causes of land system change. He applies insights obtained from case studies and review studies to improve land change models, and currently focuses on the representation of actors in agent based land use models.

Previously, Jasper has worked as a researcher and consultant on (integrated) land change assessments. These assessments utilized the latest advances in land change modeling to conduct scenario studies and policy assessments. In this position he has worked on several projects for the European Comission, the European Environment Agency, the Puerto Rico Planning board and several other governmental institutions. In addition he developed and taught several courses on land change assessments to researchers and planning professionals.


Spatial analysis, Land use, Land change, GIS, Agent-based modelling.

Academic training

2013 PhD Geo-Information Sciences, Wageningen university, The Netherlands.
2006MSc Geo-Information Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Professional employment history

2012-presentSenior researcher/Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2007-2011Researcher and consultant at the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems bv, Maastricht.

Selected publications

Link to full publication list of Dr J. van Vliet since 2012

van Vliet, J., Groot, H.L.F., Rietveld, P. & Verburg, P.H. (2015). Manifestations and underlying drivers of agricultural land change in Europe. Landscape and Urban Planning, 133, 24–36. 

Eitelberg, D.A., van Vliet, J. & Verburg, P.H. (2015). An analysis of uncertainties in global cropland availability and its consequences for model-based assessments. Global Change Biology, 21(3), 1236–1248. 

Murray-Rust, D., Brown, C., van Vliet, J., Alam, S.J., Robinson, D.T., Verburg, P.H. & Rounsevell, M.D.A. (2014). Combining agent functional types, capitals and services to model land use dynamics. Environmental Modelling and Software, 59, 187–201.      

Van Vliet, J., Naus, N., van Lammeren, R.J.A., Bregt, A.K., Hurkens, J. & van Delden, H. (2013). Measuring the neighbourhood effect to calibrate land-use models. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 41, 55–64.

Van Vliet, Hagen-Zanker, A., Hurkens, J. & van Delden, H. (2013). A fuzzy set approach to assess the predictive accuracy of land use models. Ecological Modeling, 261-262, 32–42.

Van Vliet, J., Hurkens, J., White, R. & van Delden, H. (2012). An activity based cellular automaton model to simulate land use dynamics. Environment and Planning B, 39, 198–212.

van Delden, H., van Vliet, J., Rutledge, D. & Kirkby, M.J. (2011). Scaling issues in integrated models for policy support: lessons learnt and current challenges. Agriculture, Environment and Ecosystems, 142(1-2), 18–28.

van Vliet, J., Bregt, A.K. & Hagen-Zanker, A. (2011). Revisiting Kappa to account for change in the accuracy assessment of land-use models. Ecological Modelling, 222(8), 1367–1375.

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