Dr A.J.A. van Teeffelen

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Senior Researcher


Astrid van Teeffelen is a senior researcher and project leader whose research interests centre around biodiversity and ecosystem services in dynamic landscapes. She has worked on a range of planning and policy issues in this field, including systematic design of conservation networks, impacts from and adaptation to climate change and land use change, EU’s biodiversity policy / Natura 2000, and policy instruments such as habitat banking, biodiversity offsets and tradable permits. She enjoys working in international and interdisciplinary teams.

Currently, she is a task leader in the FP7 project OPERAs (2012-2017), responsible for quantifying trade-offs and synergies between ecosystems and the services they provide, and the economic and socio-cultural values attributed to them. Furthermore, she coordinates the European exemplar in this project, which focuses on land use change and ensuring no net loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. She is also involved in projects for the European Commission in the context of the European initiative on No Net Loss and the EU habitat restoration targets. She currently co-supervises five PhD candidates, she is a member of the Editorial Boards of Landscape Ecology and Biodiversity and Conservation and a member of the Steering Committee of the Ecosystem Services Partnership. She teaches subjects in environmental sciences and biodiversity conservation at both MSc and BSc levels.


Spatial modelling, EU biodiversity policy, biodiversity policy instruments (e.g. protected area networks offsetting, habitat banking), climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, metapopulation ecology, landscape ecology, ecosystem services, resilience and ecosystem restoration.

Academic training

2007Ph.D., Where and how to conserve: Extending the scope of spatial reserve network design. University of Helsinki, Finland
2003M.Sc. Environmental Sciences (cum laude), Wageningen University, the Netherlands, specialisation Ecology and Biodiversity.
2001B.Sc. Animal Management, Van Hall Institute, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands specialisations Wildlife Ecology and Policy & Education.

Professional employment history

Dec 2012 - presentSenior Researcher at Department Spatial Analysis and Decision Support, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam
2011-2012Postdoctoral researcher, Metapopulation Research Group, University of Helsinki (FP7 RESPONSES project) (part time)
2010-2011Postdoctoral researcher, National Museum of Natural History, CSIC, Madrid, (FP7 RESPONSES project) (part time)
2007-2012Postdoctoral researcher, Land Use Planning group, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University (part time since 2010)
2003 – 2006PhD candidate, Metapopulation Research Group, University of Helsinki, Finland

Recent projects

FP7 projects:

- OPERAs Ecosystem science for policy and practice (2012 - 2017) http://www.operas-project.eu

- RESPONSES European responses to climate change (2010 – 2013) http://www.responsesproject.eu

Other projects:

- TALE: Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe: Assessing and governing synergies between biodiversity and ecosystem services (2015-2017, JPI-FACCE & BiodivERsA)

- ‘Restoration efforts required for achieving the objectives of the Birds and Habitats Directives’ (2013 – 2015; EU DG Environment)

- ‘Policy options for an EU No Net Loss initiative’ (2012 – 2013; EU DG Environment); report and annexes available at http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/biodiversity/nnl/index_en.htm

- CARE ‘Climate Adaptation for Rural Areas’ (2010 – 2013; Knowledge for Climate, NL)

- EcoTRADE Market-based instruments for cost-effective biodiversity conservation’ (2007-2010; European Science Foundation)

Selected publications

(see google scholar for a complete list)

Scholte, S. S. K., van Teeffelen, A. J. A., & Verburg, P. H. (2015). Integrating socio-cultural perspectives into ecosystem service valuation: A review of concepts and methods. Ecological Economics, 114(0), 67-78. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolecon.2015.03.007

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Van Teeffelen, A., Meller, L., van Minnen, J., Vermaat, J., & Cabeza, M. (2014). How climate proof is the European Union’s biodiversity policy? Regional Environmental Change, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10113-014-0647-3

Van Teeffelen AJA, Opdam P, Wätzold F, Hartig F, Drechsler M, Johst K, Vos CC, Wissel S, Quétier F (2014) Ecological and economic conditions and institutional challenges for conservation banking in dynamic landscapes. Landscape and Urban Planning, 130, 64-72. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.landurbplan.2014.06.004

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