H. Kiruki MPhil.

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PhD researcher


Harun Kiruki has been employed at VU - Environmental Geography Group since 16 October 2014 as a PhD researcher focusing on the analysis of the role of charcoal on land cover change in Kitui County Kenya. His research is part of the A sustainable Approach Towards Livelihoods Improvement (ASALI) project under the supervision of Prof. Peter Verburg and Emma van der Zanden.

Harun graduated in 2003 with a Master’s degree in Forestry from Moi University, Eldoret Kenya and now works as a tutorial fellow at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) in the field of Forestry and Environmental sciences as from 2013. Prior to joining SEKU Harun has worked with BAT (K) Ltd as an agroforester. He has also worked with a number of local NGOs including Kenya Association of Forest users, Kenya Gatsby Charitable Trust amongst others. He has also consulted widely for Forest Action Network another local NGO.


Wood biomass estimation, forestry management and extension.

Academic training

2003Master of Philosophy in Forestry, Moi University Eldoret

Professional employment history

2014-presentPhD Researcher, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013Tutorial Fellow, South Eastern Kenya University
2008-2013Forester/Manager BAT (K) Ltd

Selected publications

Kiruki, H., Njung’e, J. & Kiyiapi, J. (2009). Woody biomass estimation of Tarchonanthus camphoratus in three woodland stands at  Naivasha, Kenya. African Journal of Ecology, 48, 5–12.

Kiruki, H. & Njung’e, J. (2006). Population density, structure and early growth characteristics of Tarchonanthus camphoratus in a woodland at Naivasha, Kenya.African Journal of Ecology,44, 1–10.