Researchers Department Water and Climate Risk

Department  Head

Prof. Jeroen AertsProfessor Water and Climate Risk

Academic Staff
Prof. Philip Ward(Deputy Head) Professor Global Water Risk Dynamics and Director MSc Hydrology
Prof. Pier VellingaProfessor Climate Change
Prof. Bart van den HurkProfessor Climate and Socio-Ecological Interactions
Dr Dim CoumouAssociated Professor
Dr Anne van LoonAssociated Professor
Dr Hans de MoelAssistant Professor, Water/climate risk modelling and E-science
Dr Paolo ScussoliniResearcher, Climate and water dynamics and vulnerability
Dr Mark BokhorstCoordinator Earth Sciences and Economics
Dr Elco KoksAssistant Professor, Economic and infrastructure impacts of climate extremes
Dr Hans van der WoerdSatellite observations
Dr Toon HaerAssistant Professor, Adaptation and risk dynamics, agent-based modelling
Dr Sanne MuisAssistant Professor, Extreme sea levels and coastal flood risk
Dr Marleen de RuiterAssistant Professor, Multi-hazard risk and disaster risk reduction; Coordinator MSc Global Environmental Change & Policy (GEC&P) and director education SENSE graduate school
Dr Gabriela Guimarães Nobre 
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Paolo De LucaPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Iris ManolaPostdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jens de BruijnPostdoctoral Researcher, Large-scale agent-based modelling
Dr Lena Reimann
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ana Clara Cassanti, MScLecturer in sustainability
Rhian Ebrey, MScJunior Researcher, Climate adaptation models for policy support, and Coordinator MSc Global Environmental Change & Policy (GEC&P)
Alessia Matano, MScJunior Researcher

PhD Candidates
Nadia Bloemendaal, MSc
PhD research: Tropical cyclone risk under climate change
Tim Busker, MScPhD Candidate
Anaïs Couasnon, MScPhD research: Compound flood risk in global deltas and estuaries
Giorgia Di Capua, MScPhD Candidate
Job Dullaart, MScPhD research: Compound flood risk at the global scale
Dirk Eilander, MScPhD research: Compound flood risk at the global scale
Johanna Englhardt, MScPhD research: Global flood risk
Raed Hamed, MScPhD Candidate
Tadzio Holtrop, MScPhD Candidate
Huazhi Li, MScPhD research: Spatial dependence of flood events at the global scale
Fei Luo, MScPhD research: Climate modelling and summer persistent extreme events
Henrique Moreno Dumont Goulart, MSc 
PhD research: Storylines for extreme climate and impacts
Eric Mortensen, MScPhD Candidate
Sadhana Nirandjan, MScPhD research: Coastal flood risk to critical infrastructure
Rhoda Odongo, MScPhD Candidate
Lars de Ruig, MScPhD research: Agent-based modelling and water risk
Tristian Stolte, MScPhD Candidate
Chiem van Straaten, MScPhD Candidate
Ileen Streefkerk, MScPhD research: Drought risk and adaptation
Lars Tierolf, MScPhD Candidate
Timothy Tiggeloven, MScPhD Candidate
Marijn Ton, MScPhD Candidate
Sem Vijverberg, MScPhD Candidate
Marthe Wens, MScPhD research: Decision-making, drought adaptation and mitigation
Mengqi Ye, MScPhD Candidate

Visiting Fellows
Prof. Ivan Haigh