E. Dellas MSc.

PhD Researcher


Eleni Dellas is a PhD researcher at the Department of Environmental Policy Analysis of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University Amsterdam. She holds an MSc in Political Science and Global Environmental Governance from VU University Amsterdam, and a BA in European Studies from Maastricht University.

Her PhD research examines the allocation of resources in the context of market-based instruments for environmental governance, such as fisheries individual transferable quotas (ITQs) and water quality trading schemes.

Prior to starting her PhD, Eleni worked as a researcher at IVM, studying the legitimacy and effectiveness of public-private partnerships for sustainable development, and working on the project ‘Modelling Governance and Institutions for Global Sustainability Politics’ (ModelGIGS). She has also worked as the action coordinator of COST Action IS0802 on “The Transformation of Global Environmental Governance”.

Academic training

2009-2010MSc. Political Science & Global Environmental Governance, VU University
2005-2008B.A. European Studies, Maastricht University

Professional employment history

2010-2011Researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)
2009-2010Student Assistant at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)
2009Internship with TNS Infratest Politikforschung, policy research team, Berlin.
2008Internship with the Global Governance Project, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)

Selected publications

Dellas, E., 2011. CSD water partnerships: Privatization, participation and legitimacy. Ecological Economics, 70 (11): 1916-1923.

Dellas, E., P. Pattberg, and M. Betsill, 2011. Agency in earth system governance: Refining a research agenda. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 11 (1): 85-98.

Dellas, E., and P. Pattberg, 2013. Assessing the political feasibility of global options to reduce biodiversity loss. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management 9 (4): 347-363.

De Vos, M., P. Janssen, M. Kok, S. Frantzi, E. Dellas, P. Pattberg, A. Petersen, and F. Biermann, 2013. Formalizing knowledge on international environmental regimes: A first step towards integrating political science in integrated assessments of global environmental change. Environmental Modelling and Software 44: 101-112.

Mert, A., and E. Dellas, 2012. Technology transfer through water partnerships: A framework of assessment for legitimacy. In P. Pattberg, F. Biermann, A. Mert and S. Chan (Editors), Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Emergence, Influence, and Legitimacy. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northhampton/MA, USA: 209-238.

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Streck, C., and E. Dellas, 2012. Governments and policy networks: Chances, risks, and a missing strategy. In: F. Wijen, K. Zoeteman, J. Pieters, and P. Van Seters (Editors), A Handbook Of Globalisation And Environmental Policy (2nd ed.). Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northhampton/MA, USA: 510-548.