Researchers Department Environmental Economics

Department head
Prof. Pieter van Beukering          Professor Economics of Natural Capital

Academic staff
Prof. Wouter Botzen(Deputy head) Professor Climate Economics
Prof. Marjan HofkesProfessor Environmental Economics
Prof. Roy BrouwerProfessor Water Economics
Prof. Richard TolProfessor Economics of Climate Change
Dr Julia BlaschAssistant Professor
Dr Mark KoetseAssistant Professor
Dr Fujin Zhou
Assistant Professor
Dr Onno KuikSenior researcher
Frans Oosterhuis MScSenior researcher
Dr Luke Brander

Current PhD students
Andreas Coester
PhD economics of utility sustainability
Hanna Dijkstra MSc

PhD business models for environmental technologies, focusing on marine plastic removal and mitigation
Markus GlattPhD candidate
Shutong He MSc
PhD candidate
Predrag Ignjačević
PhD candidate
Acel Jardón Kojakhmetova MScPhD environmental and economic growth within a spatial framework
Jason Levin-Koopman MScPhD climate change and economic fresh water resource modeling
Jantsje Mol MSc

PhD individual flood preparedness for Low-Probability/Hign-Impact (LPHI) flood risk
Linh Nguyen
PhD candidate
Derk van Ree MSc

PhD sustainable development and management of the shallow subsurface
Peter Robinson MScPhD behavioural economics of flood insurance demand
Oleg Sheremet MSc

PhD econometric risk modeling and socio-economic impact assessment methods
Musharaf Talpur MSc

PhD revealed and stated preference models for estimating recreational economic values
Max Tesselaar MSc
PhD economic assessment of insurance arrangements for flood risk
Alfred Wagtendonk MSc

PhD spatial analysis of landscape change and ecosystem service valuation
Kristina Yuzva MSc

PhD risk transfer instruments to incentivize risk reduction and build climate resilience for low-income households

Recently graduated PhD students
Dr Theodore Chatzivasileiadis (2019)

Dr Mehmet Kutluay (2019)

Dr Hilary Ndambiri (2018)

Dr Matteo Mattmann (2017)

Dr Tewodros Kahsay (2017)

Dr Bianca van der Kroon (2016)

Dr Trond Husby (2016)
Dr In Chang Hwang (2015)
Dr Francisco Estrada Porrua (2015)

Associate researchers/visiting professors
Dr Harry AikingSenior researcher
Prof. Jeroen van den BerghProfessor Environmental and Resource Economics
Dr Jetske BoumaSenior researcher