Let’s keep the honest dialogue going

IVM’s Lecturer Ana Clara Cassanti joined a session of the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) to discuss the importance of youth engagement within the private sector to advance the climate adaptation agenda.

02/04/2021 | 10:00 AM

Last week, on 25 and 26 January 2021, the first online Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) hosted by the Netherlands took place. Global leaders from all over the world got together to discuss the climate adaptation agenda and the importance of having concrete actions towards a more resilient world. During the event, the Adaptation Action Agenda was launched highlighting a set of comprehensive actions to enhance resilience. 

The CAS was a 24h event, composed of several sessions that discussed topics such as disaster risk management, nature-based solutions, water, resilient cities, locally-led adaptation, youth leadership, and others. The event had the participation of global leaders from several countries, the former Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon, the current Secretary-General António Guterres, CEOs from companies representing the private sector, young leaders, and others.

On 26 January, the Lecturer Ana Clara Cassanti joined one of the CAS Talks to discuss the importance of youth engagement within the private sector as a way to advance the climate adaptation agenda. The talk oversaw  the participation of the former Prime Minister of The Netherlands and current Chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition, Jan Peter Balkenende, the CEO from Temasek International, Boon Heong Ng, and the Chairperson of Public Sector Solutions from Swiss Re, Veronica Scotti. It was moderated by reporter Ikenna Azuike and the Youth Newsroom reporter Hajar Yagkoubi. 

The discussion marked the importance of including young people as equal stakeholders within the private sector. Thus, ensuring  a win-win situation in which the private sector can use the creativity and willingness of the new generation to help. Ana also mentioned the importance of the private sector to acknowledge that young people are eager to support companies that are connected to their values. She also emphasized on the need to have an honest dialogue between generations to ensure that this equal seat on the table for young people within the private sector will be guaranteed, making sure the climate change adaptation agenda will be addressed. 

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