STORM wins Dutch Data Prize 2020

IVM researchers Nadia Bloemendaal, Ivan Haigh, Sanne Muis, Hans de Moel, and Jeroen Aerts have won the RDNL Dutch Data Prize 2020 for best FAIR dataset with their STORM dataset.

11/26/2020 | 10:44 AM

STORM (Synthetic Tropical cyclOne geneRation Model) consists of the equivalent of 10,000 years of synthetic tropical cyclone activity under the present-climate conditions. Synthetic tropical cyclones are tropical cyclones that are theoretically possible under the present climate conditions, but (might) have not occurred in reality yet. The STORM dataset allows researchers to analyse tropical cyclone activity in any part of the world, including the most extreme cyclones that might affect a certain coastline. 

The Dutch Data Prize is accompanied by a monetary prize, designated to enhance the accessibility of the STORM dataset. This prize will be used to build an interactive website where users can navigate through the STORM data and visualize tropical cyclone risk for any location on Earth. 

For more information please read the STORM publication or visit the STORM datasets site on 4TU data server.

Read more on the DNL Dutch Data Prize. 

STORM Figure 4