In the series ‘Religion & Animals’ Pim Martens interviews Jayasinhji Jhala

As part of the fellowship Ethics of the Anthropocene of VU Amsterdam, Pim Martens is making a series of conversations with (indigenous) religious leaders on our relationship with nature and the animals within.

10/19/2020 | 12:55 PM

Pim was honoured to interview Hindu Prince Jayasinhji Jhala, who is a visual anthropologist who teaches undergraduate and graduate students in visual anthropology and social anthropology. As of 2017 he is recognized as the 47th Jhallesvar His Highness Maharaja Sriraj of Halvad-Dhrangadhra and he is the cultural custodian of the Peoples of Jhalavad and protector of all life forms.

This was the fourth interview of the series. Learning from religious leaders about our relationship with animals may be a way we can begin to address the sustainability challenges we see today.

Interview Jhala

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