Harry Aiking receives Green Protein Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Food Valley Summit ‘The Protein Plan(et) – Solving the Protein Puzzle on a Global Level’, was held in Wageningen on 17 October 2019.

10/29/2019 | 4:30 PM

Harry Aiking (IVM-VU) concluded this well-attended conference (350 participants) with a brief invited lecture on ‘Protein and sustainable food – The global dimension’. Subsequently, the chair surprised him with the Green Protein Lifetime Achievement Award in the shape of a piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle. During his presentation, the chair mentioned Harry’s work on sustainable protein production and consumption during a quarter of a century, including the book ‘Pigs or peas?’, published by Springer, plus 7 PhD dissertations across Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Wageningen University, and Twente University, collaborating in the NWO/STW research programme PROFETAS (Protein Foods, Environment, Technology And Society) over the years 2000-2005. During an impromptu acceptance speech, Harry (quoting John Lennon) stressed that he himself just happened to be around purely by chance, and that PROFETAS, the book and its spin-off were primarily the result of an interdisciplinary team effort, for which he was truly grateful.