Philip Ward appointed Full Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics

IVM researcher Philip Ward has been appointed Full Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics at the Faculty of Science of VU Amsterdam.

01/15/2019 | 4:41 PM

In his new position, Prof. Ward aims to develop new scientific approaches and tools, and train a new generation of researchers and professionals, for co-designing sustainable solutions to water-related problems. This will be achieved by carrying out solution-oriented scientific research in close collaboration with a large range of stakeholders. In doing so, Prof. Ward’s research and training will contribute to reaching and monitoring the water-related targets of major international agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Prof. Ward is a member of the Expert Group of UNISDR’s Global Risk Assessment Framework and has an extensive portfolio of projects with stakeholders including the World Bank, UN agencies, reinsurance companies, national government agencies, NGOs, the World Resources Institute, as well as fundamental science projects. As part of the Professorship, Prof. Ward will develop further links with national and international institutes working on all aspects of water-related risk assessment and reduction.