IVM economists give advice about climate policy

Three IVM affiliated professors of economics have contributed to the annual pre-advices of the ‘Koninklijke Vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde’.

12/06/2018 | 11:40 AM

This year’s advices, which were offered to Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate on 29 November, focus on climate policy.

Wouter Botzen examines the Dutch adaptation strategy and the assessment which has to be made concerning investments for the reduction of (uncertain) flood risks. He also points out the part decentral governments, companies (including the insurance sector) and households can play in this.

Marjan Hofkes argues that an ambitious climate policy, provided that it is well designed, can go together with economic growth in the long term and preservation of employment. A scenario of ‘win-win-green growth’ is however not self-evident. Loss of jobs in shrinking sectors and distributional effects call for a careful supportive policy.

Jeroen van den Bergh substantiates why the Paris Climate Agreement has shortcomings and makes a plea for an international 'climate club' of like-minded countries with a uniform carbon price. The Netherlands could play a catalyst role in this. 


KVS Wiebes
One of the editors (Prof. Daan van Soest, Tilburg University) hands out the collection to Minister Wiebes (on the left)