New IVM report mapping the institutional landscape of biodiversity governance

In a recent publication commissioned by the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), IVM’s Philipp Pattberg, Kristian Kristensen and Oscar Widerberg explore biodiversity governance beyond the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD).

11/17/2017 | 12:22 PM

The report called ‘Beyond the CBD: Exploring the institutional landscape of governing for biodiversity’ analyses how biodiversity is governed through a broad variety of international and transnational institutions beyond the multilateral agreements ratified under the CBD. The researchers identify 108 institutions across the issue areas of climate change, agriculture, energy, fisheries and forestry focussing on biodiversity governance. They comprise public and private actors, primarily engaging in standard-setting and information-sharing. The report also looks at the institutionalization of transnational biodiversity institutions, by assessing their commitments to monitoring, reporting and verification. The research unveils a dense web of institutions governing for biodiversity beyond the CBD and highlights that a vast majority (76%) of the 55 transnational institutions publicly report on monitoring and evaluation activities, while 47% also implement third party verification procedures. 

For more information, please read the report: Pattberg, P., Kristensen, K. & Widerberg, O. (2017). Beyond the CBD: Exploring the institutional landscape of governing for biodiversity. IVM Report (R-17/06). Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 91 pp.