Upcoming events

Defence ceremonies

21 November 2018: PhD defence Yus Budiyono. Thesis title: ‘Flood risk modeling in Jakarta: development and usefulness in a time of climate change’.

4 December 2018: PhD defence Sanne Muis. Thesis title: ‘Assessing coastal flood risk at the global scale’.

17 December 2018: PhD defence Belinda McFadgen. Thesis title: ‘Opening the black box of policy experimentation: How the governance of policy experiments affects learning outcomes for climate adaptation’. 

10 January 2019: PhD defence Solomon Tarfasa. Thesis title: ‘Using discrete choice experiments to inform environmental policy in a developing country context: case studies from Ethiopia’.

21 January 2019: PhD defence Koen Tieskens. Thesis title: ‘Cultural value of European landscapes: A quantitative approach’.

23 January 2019: PhD defence Samantha Scholte. Thesis title: ‘The value of nature through an ecosystem service lens: Exploring public perceptions’.