Newsletter No. 1 • May 2017


Journal articles:

Busch, J.A., et al. (including van der Woerd, H.J.) (2016). Citizen Bio-Optical Observations from Coast- and Ocean and Their Compatibility with Ocean Colour Satellite Measurements. Remote Sensing, 8(11), 879.

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De Witt, A., de Boer, J., Hedlund, N. & Osseweijer, P. (2016). A new tool to map the major worldviews in the Netherlands and USA, and explore how they relate to climate change. Environmental Science & Policy, 63, 101–112.

Gosling, S.N., et al. (including Veldkamp, T.I.E.) (2016). A comparison of changes in river runoff from multiple global and catchment-scale hydrological models under global warming scenarios of 1°C, 2°C and 3°C. Climatic Change, 141(3), 577–595.

Kind, J., Botzen, W.J.W. & Aerts, J.C.J.H. (2017). Accounting for risk aversion, income distribution and social welfare in cost-benefit analysis for flood risk management. WIREs Climate Change, 8(2).

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Van Dooren, C., Douma, A., Aiking, H. & Vellinga, P. (2017). Proposing a Novel Index Reflecting Both Climate Impact and Nutritional Impact of Food Products. Ecological Economics, 131, 389–398.

Van Zanten, B.T., Koetse M.J. & Verburg, P. (2016). Economic Valuation at All Cost? The Role of the Price Attribute in a Landscape Preference Study. Ecosystem Services, 22(B), 289–296.

Widerberg, O. & Pattberg, P.H. (2017). Accountability Challenges in the Transnational Regime Complex for Climate Change. Review of Policy Research, 34(1), 68–87.

Special issue:

Francisco Estrada-Porrúa is the guest editor of a special issue of the journal Atmósfera on Climate economics and statistics. IVM researchers contributed to four of the articles in this issue.