Newsletter No. 2 • December 2016

Staff and organisation news

IVM band

On 8 July 2016, IVM celebrated its 45thanniversary. The birthday party was attended by more than 70 present and former staff members, some of whom contributed also musically.

As of 1 January 2017 the section Chemistry and Biology  will leave IVM and merge with the section Health and Life of the Athena Institute into a new department Environment and Health. Like IVM, this department will be part of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. Existing cooperation structures will be maintained and new ones between IVM and the new department will be developed.

Over the past few months, IVM has welcomed a number of new staff members:

Kristian Kristensen, who works on fragmentation and participation in global environmental governance, currently as a member of the CONNECT project;

Douwe de Voogt, a junior researcher on the CAPFLO project, focusing on participatory capacity building processes for flood mitigation at local level;

Lars de Ruig, a PhD student whose research will be focused on flood risk and agent-based models;

Nadia Bloemendaal, whose PhD work will be to assess how flood risks in tropical cyclones will change due to climate change;

Jantsje Mol, who will be involved as a PhD student in the Vidi project ‘Improving Preparedness for Low-Probability/High-Impact Flood Risk through Insurance’, testing behavioural economic theories for why individuals in floodplains insufficiently prepare for flooding;

Tadzio Holtrop, a PhD student investigating the (a)biotic composition of the oceans with the ultimate goal to construct a predictive model that is able to infer the phytoplankton composition of the oceans from optical signals acquired by satellites;

Jisun Hwang, who will do a PhD research focusing on analysing the governance innovation and institutional change in global climate governance post Paris.

Ayşem Mert and Majelle Verbraak have left IVM to continue their careers elsewhere.