Prizes, awards and grants

Marie Curie ActionsThe European Union (EU) has awarded a grant of four million euros to Dr Jampel Del’Angelo and Prof. Dave Huitema of IVM. They will lead a new network that aims to radically rethink current approaches to water governance and develop promising ideas for improvement. The project is called NEWAVE (Next Wave Water Governance) and will employ 15 Early Career Researchers and one Postdoctoral Researcher, to be based at the VU and several collaborating institutions. Funding comes from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN programme of the EU.

Jasper van VlietIVM’s Jasper van Vliet receives an € 800,000 VIDI grant from NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). He will use this grant to map urbanisation processes using satellite data and to develop computer models that can support sustainable land use.

IVM researcher Marleen de Ruiter has been awarded the AGU18 Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA). In her presentation, Marleen discussed how the current state-of-the art regional and global models and their outputs do not allow for a thorough representation and analysis of consecutive disasters and their impacts. Marleen underscored the relevance of improving our understanding of consecutive disasters by showing a global analysis of consecutive disasters consisting of historic earthquakes and typhoon events, and a local analysis of historic earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and floods in the Philippines. 

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IVM PhD candidate Perrine Laroche has been awarded the Best Poster at the Global Land Program Open Science Meeting (GLP OSM) 2019. Perrine’s poster spotlights the impact of dietary shift in western countries on the spatial allocation of the land footprint for food. Using an approach built on footprint and trade-based analyses and the United States of America case study, the study demonstrates that beyond reducing the global environmental burden, dietary shifts would transform telecouplings. Such shift would also drive the reallocation of land use, as well as patterns of ecosystem services demand and supply supporting food production.