Featured recent publications


Yus Budiyono (21 November 2018), Flood risk modeling in Jakarta: development and usefulness in a time of climate change.

Sanne Muis (4 December 2018), Assessing coastal flood risk at the global scale.

Belinda McFadgen (17 December 2018), Opening the Black Box of Policy Experimentation: How the Governance of Policy Experiments Affects Learning Outcomes for Climate.

Solomon Tarfasa Faro (10 January 2019), Using discrete choice experiments to inform environmental policy in a developing country context: case studies from Ethiopia.

Koen Tieskens (21 January 2019), Cultural Value of European Landscapes: A quantitative approach. (Not yet available in VU-Dare).

Samantha Scholte (23 January 2019), The value of nature through an ecosystem service lens: Exploring public perceptions.

Mehmet Kutluay (2 May 2019), The Value of (Avoiding) Malaria. (Not yet available in VU-Dare). 

Mireia Tarradell (10 May 2019), Reconsidering the political role of international organizations: Persuaders or social leveragers in the orchestration for environmental sustainability?

Theodoros Chatzivasileiadis (23 May 2019), Climate, Uncertainty and the Stock Market: Assessing the economic effects of sea level rise while addressing the uncertainty surrounding CGE models, and the reactions of the stock market to climate change information and weather stimuli.

Selected journal articles

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