Prizes, awards and grants

Prizes, awards and grants

Sem Duijndam won the Vrije Universiteit 2019 master thesis award for his ERM research on the economic assessment of the Simson Bay Lagoon in Sint Maarten. His work is currently being used to determine Sint Maarten’s environmental policy. 

Award Duijndam
Sem Duijndam (right), winner of the VU master thesis award 2019

An international team of researchers and organisations, including IVM’s Jeroen Aerts, Anne van Loon, Dim Coumou and Toon Haer, has been awarded over €6.7m from EU Horizon 2020 to help tackle food and water insecurity in the Horn of Africa Drylands (HAD). The DOWN2EARTH project aims to help rural East African communities adapt to climate change using state-of-the-art predictions of water scarcity and food insecurity.

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Jeroen AertsJeroen Aerts has also been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant, the largest individual research grant in Europe. With the grant of 2.5 million euros, he will run COASTMOVE, an international and collaborative research initiative. In the COASTMOVE project, Jeroen Aerts will investigate the effects of rising sea levels on migration in coastal areas worldwide. His aim is to develop a simulation model to answer the question “Will people in coastal areas defend their communities and settlements or will they move away?” The ultimate aim of the model is to produce a simulation for all of the world’s coastal areas.