Newsletter No. 1 • April 2018


Water partnership 

IVM recently became a member of the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). NWP supports the Dutch water sector in export and international cooperation. It has a membership of 200 organisations, both profit and non-profit.

Ethics of the Anthropocene

Professor Ernst M. Conradie from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa has been appointed as Senior Fellow in the Ethics of the Anthropocene Program for 2018. He will be at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in May and June 2018, and from November 2018 to January 2019. The Ethics of the Anthropocene Fellowship is a collaborative initiative of IVM and the Faculty of Theology. It is intended to foster research projects at the interface of ethics, religion and global environmental change. Annual fellowships are awarded alternately to an established senior scholar and to two or three promising PhD candidates who are in the process of specializing in this burgeoning field.

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New faces at IVM

Over the past three months, IVM has welcomed several new people including:

  • Yujing Ma, PhD student in the Environmental Geography (EG) section. She will be working on urban ecosystem services
  • Fidele Ruzigandekwe, visiting researcher/PhD student from Rwanda (Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration), working on Payments for transboundary Ecosystem Services
  • Shiqiang Du, a one-year guest researcher from Shanghai with a research interests focus on flood risk analysis, floodplain sustainability, and spatial statistics and models
  • Thomas Hickmann, a one month guest researcher from Potsdam, working on the global governance of transboundary sustainability challenges
  • Claudia Parra, who joined the EG section as a PhD student on methods to model environmental and social impacts of products and services in globalized commodity networks
  • Perrine Laroche who joined the EG section as a PhD student on the impacts of changing lifestyles and Ecosystem Services demand in the frame of telecoupled interactions 
  • Jonas Appelt who joined the EG section as a PhD student on assessment of trade-off processes between sustainable development goals.