Newsletter No. 1 • April 2018


VU MSc thesis award for ERM student Mirja Schoderer

The Master student Environment and Resource Management at the IVM, has won the VU Master Thesis prize 2017 for her research on the effect of water harvesting systems on drought vulnerability of farmer households in Kenya. The jury report praises Mirja on the amount of work she has done to gather the information, thoughtful analysis of the data, and her excellent English writing.

According to the jury her relevant work shows a critical scientific mentality, following a thorough scientific method, and ending with a good discussion of the results and their implications. In the meantime, Mirja has joined IVM as an external PhD student under the supervision of Dave Huitema and Jampel dell’Angelo. For more information on the prize or the research, contact

‘Cum laude’ for PhD Ted Veldkamp

IVM’s Ted Veldkamp received her PhD for her dissertation entitled ‘Water scarcity at the global and regional scales: unravelling its dominant drivers in historical and future time periods’ on 18 December 2017. The degree was granted with the distinction ‘cum laude’.

Brenden Jongman receives SENSE PhD Award 2017

The biennial SENSE PhD Award for the best SENSE dissertation in the previous two years, has been awarded to Brenden Jongman for his PhD research on Unravelling the Drivers of Flood Risk across Spatial Scales (2015) at IVM (with Prof. Jeroen Aerts as promotor and Dr Philip Ward as co-promotor).

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Franziska Komossa receives the Landscape 2018 conference poster award

During the poster session ‘II. Land Use and Governance’ of the Landscape 2018 conference in Berlin from 12-16 March 2018, PhD candidate Franziska Komossa received the poster award for her poster entitled ‘Characterizing outdoor recreation user groups: A typology of peri-urban recreationists in the Kromme Rijn area, the Netherlands’.