Project deliverables

Here you can download documents and other deliverables of the AQUAMONEY project.

D1 AQUAMONEY project presentation
D2 First annual report
D3 Second annual report
D4 Final activity report
D4 Third annual report
D5 Report kickoff meeting (Amsterdam)
D6 Report second meeting (Berlin)
D7 Report third meeting (Bologna)
D9 Report fourth meeting (Budapest)
D10 Report fifth meeting (Valencia)
D12 Working definition environmental costs
D13 Survey template national approaches
D14 Survey findings national approaches
D15 Draft guidelines
D25 Status report international Danube case study
D26 Status report international Scheldt case study
D27 Status report international Rhine case study
D28 Status report case study Humber UK
D29 Status report case study Morsa Norway
D30 Status report case study Odense Denmark
D31 Status report case study Neris Lithuania
D32 Status report case study Po Italy
D33 Status report case study Jucar Spain
D34 Status report case study Pinios Greece
D35a Case study report Danube Austria
D35b Case study report Danube Hungary
D35c Case study report Danube Romania
D36 Case study report international Scheldt basin
D37 Case study report Rhine France
D38 Case study report Humber UK
D39 Case study report Morsa Norway
D40 Case study report Odense Denmark
D41 Case study report Neris Lithuania
D42 Case study report Po Italy
D43 Case study report Jucar Spain
D44 Case study report Lesvos Greece
D55 Benchmark stakeholder participation
D57 Final plan for using and disseminating knowledge
D58 Report on raising public participation and awareness
D11 Final international conference:
- Introduction Brouwer
- Session 1 Hyytiainen
- Session 1 keynote Tol
- Session 1 Kragt
- Session 2 Bhaduri
- Session 2 Elofsson
- Session 2 keynote Dombrowsky
- Session 3 Getzner
- Session 3 keynote Bateman
- Session 3 Martin-Ortega
- Session 4 Goetz
- Session 4 keynote Rolfe
- Session 4 Poe