Download STREAM

STREAM is freely available for use and download. Currently, a version used in classroom teaching is available. This .zip file below contains a working model of STREAM for the Colorado river, using publicly available datasets and runs at a monthly timestep. The .zip file also contains the assignment used in classroom to get acquainted with the model.


Three other versions are currently being updated (using Topotoolbox2 functions) and revised (to work on daily time steps and including dams) and will become available at the end of this year (2014). All three versions will contain working cases of the model:

1) STREAM_Monthly - Global case

2) STREAM_Daily - Global or local case

3) STREAM_Dams - Tana river, Kenia

Moreover, a manual is being prepared to guide you through the development of your own STREAM case study and we will include links to useful publicly available datasets for all necessary input data to help your develop your own case.