European RESPONSES to climate change:

deep emissions reductions and mainstreaming of mitigation and adaptation, 2010-2012

EU action on climate change is now focused on accelerating mitigation efforts, while seeking to reduce risks associated with climate change impacts. To achieve the multiple goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vulnerability to climate impacts, and building mitigative and adaptive capacities, climate action needs to be mainstreamed across all EU policy sectors. As the scale of European policy grows, mitigation and adaptation need increasingly to be integrated. These policies have strong international dimensions.

The project RESPONSES addresses EU policy challenges by:
- developing new global low emissions scenarios, placing EU efforts in a global context;
- building an approach for assessing EU policies against mitigation and adaptation objectives and for developing alternative policy options;
- applying this framework in five EU policy sectors (water and agriculture, biodiversity, regional development/infrastructure, health and energy), linked by a set of cross-sectoral integrative activities;
- synthesizing the results to new policy strategies.

The main outputs of the project will be:
- A set of global low emission scenarios, differentiated by key countries;
- Options and strategies for integrating mitigation and resilience to climate impacts into EU policies;
- A validated strategic climate assessment approach.

Contact information: Dr. Laurens Bouwer, secretariat

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Workshop invitation and program 14 October 2011

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