Managing climate effects in peat meadows and shallow lakes, 2009-2012

The overall project deals with the prediction of the effects of climate change in peat meadows and shallow lakes. The information generated is to be used to define and evaluate adaptation strategies. This part of the project intends to develop approaches to match the complex information generated by the project with the objectives of the stakeholders. Both the effects and the adaptation strategies have a clear spatial, temporal and uncertainty dimension. The complexity and amount of information to be processed makes it necessary to develop techniques to structure and present the information in such a way that it can be managed by the stakeholders.

Managing climate effects 









Within this project we will describe the relevant decision processes and try to identify the information needs by the various stakeholders at different stages of these processes. We will develop interactive workshops to facilitate problem analysis, problem identification, design of management alternatives evaluation of alternatives and feedback to design. The project will focus on the development of spatial design approaches using a mixture of formal design routines, visualization techniques and structured feedback from participants in workshops. Techniques will be integrated in a spatial decision support framework implemented in hardware suitable for interactive use in a workshop.

Contact information: Dr Ron Janssen