Project: ADAPT, adaptation strategies to changing environments
Department: Spatial Analysis and Decision Support
Period: 2002 - 2003  


Climate change and variability is seen as an important threat to food security and environmental protection for river basins. The ADAPT project aims at developing and evaluating adaptation strategies for river basins to alleviate negative impacts of climate change and variability. The basins are selected within dry and wet regions as well as they are located in rich and poor countries. A special feature of ADAPT is to link regional basin strategies to global food security trends and policies.
The main goal of the ADAPT project is to assess impacts of climate change and climate variability on food production & security, environment and livelihoods on a global and basin scale and to develop and promote adaptation strategies for food and environment to alleviate the negative impacts.

Contact information: Prof. dr. Jeroen Aerts, drs. Ralph Lasage

More information: Project fact sheet