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Staff Spatial Analysis and Decision Support


Department head
Prof. dr Peter VerburgProfessor Environmental Spatial Analysis
Academic staff
Prof. dr Jeroen AertsProfessor Risk insurance, climate change and water management
Prof. dr Pier VellingaProfessor Climate change
Dr Marieke EleveldSenior researcher remote sensing
Dr Alison GilbertAssistant professor ecological modeling
Dr Ron JanssenAssociate professor Decision support
Drs. Ralph LasageResearcher Adaptation climate change
Dr Hans de MoelResearcher Adaptive water management
Dr. Julia SchindlerResearcher
Dr Nynke SchulpResearcher
Dr Paolo ScussoliniResearcher
Dr A.J.A. van TeeffelenResearcher
Dr Jasper van VlietPostdoc Amsterdam Global Change Institute
Drs. Alfred WagtendonkSenior Researcher GIS
Dr Philip WardSenior researcher flood risk, hydrology and climate change
Dr Hans van der WoerdSenior researcher remote sensing
Guest researchers
G. BeckerGuest researcher Adaptation Rhine in the Rhine river basin
PhD students
A. AritiPhD student / Guest researcher
Y. Budiyono MSc.PhD student / Guest researcher
M.L. Derkzen MSc.PhD student Urban Ecosystem Services
T. Eikelboom MSc.PhD student Decision Support
D.A. Eitelberg MSc.PhD student
P. Groetsch MSc.PhD student
T. Haer MSc.PhD student
P. HudsonPhD student
B. Jongman MSc.PhD student Flood risk modeling on a global scale
H. Kanke MSc.PhD student
E.E. Koks MSc.PhD student
D.A. Kretz MSc.PhD student
S. Muis MSc.PhD student
Mag. C. OrnetsmuellerPhD student
J. Poussin MSc. PhD student Flood insurance, incentives for flood risk mitigation
S.S.K. Scholte MSc.PhD student
J. Stuerck PhD student
T.I.E. Veldkamp MSc.PhD student
W. Verhagen MSc.PhD student
S. Wolff MSc.PhD student
E.H. van der Zanden MSc.PhD student Land use intensity and ecosystem services
B.T. van Zanten MSc.PhD student
K. Zelaya MSc.PhD student
Former staff members
Dr G. A. Arciniegas LopezPhD student Spatial Decision Support
Dr Sanneke van AsselenPostdoc Global land use change modelling
Dr D. van BerkelPhD student Rural Future Networks
Dr Laurens Bouwer Senior Researcher flood risk and adaptation
Drs. Fritz HellmannJunior researcher spatial ecology
Ir. Florrie de PaterSenior project manager
Dr Steef PetersSenior researcher remote sensing
Prof. dr Willem SalomonsAssociate professor Ecology
Dr M.A.H. SchoutenResearcher
Dr Ir M. van VlietResearcher
Z. Vosberg MSc.PhD student


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