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Global Climate Governance beyond 2012


01 Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012  Global Climate Governance beyond 2012. Architecture, Agency
  and Adaptation. 
  Cambridge University Press 2010
  (edited with P. Pattberg and F. Zelli)

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Earth System Governance: People, Places and the Planet


02 Earth System Governance3  Earth System Governance: People Places and the Planet
  Bonn, IHDP: The Earth System Governance Project, 2009
  (with M. M. Betsill, J. Gupta, N. Kanie, L. Lebel, D. Liverman, 
  H. Schroeder, and B. Siebenhüner, with contributions from 
  K. Conca, L. da Costa   Ferreira, B. Desai, S. Tay, and
  R. Zondervan).

  The Science and Implementation plan is available for download
  as PDF in English, Japanese and Spanish:
  Science Plan English     [PDF]
  Science Plan Japanese [PDF]
  Science Plan Spanish    [PDF]


Managers of Global Change


03 Managers of Global Change  Managers of Global Change.The Influence of International
  Environmental Bureaucracies.

  The MIT Press 2009
  (edited with B. Siebenhüner).

  The following chapters are available for download:
  The Role and Relevance of International Bureaucracies

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International Organizations in Global Environmental Governance


04 Intel org

  International Organizations in Global Environmental Governance
  Routledge, 2009
  (edited with B. Siebenhüner and A. Schreyögg)

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Partnerships, Governance and Sustainable Development


05 Partnerships governance etc

  Partnerships, Governance and Sustainable Development.
  Reflections on Theory and Practice 
  Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007
  (co-edited with P. Glasbergen and A. P. J. Mol)

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Politik und Umwelt


06 Politik und Umwelt  Politik und Umwelt [Politics and the Environment]
  Wiesbaden, Germany: Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2007
  (edited with K. Jacob, P.-O. Busch and P.H. Feindt)

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A World Environment Organization


07 World Environment Organization

  A World Environment Organization: Solution or Threat
  for Effective Intenational Environmental Governance?
  Ashgate, 2005
  (edited with S. Bauer)

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  Chapter 1,5 and 10 [PDF]

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Proceedings of the 2002 Berlin Conference


08 Proceedings of the 2002 Berlin Conference

  Proceedings of the 2002 Berlin Conference on the Human
  Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Knowledge for
  the Sustainability Transition—The Challenge for Social Science.
  The Global Governance Project, 2004
  (edited with S. Campe and K. Jacob)

  Full publication available for download [PDF]





Proceedings of the 2001 Berlin Conference


  09 Proceedings of the 2001 Berlin Conference
  Proceedings of the 2001 Berlin Conference on the Human
  Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Global
  Environmental Change and the Nation State.
Potsdam: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, 2002
  (edited with R. Brohm and K. Dingwerth)

  Full report available for download [PDF]





Handelsliberalisierung kontra Umweltschutz?


10 Handelsliberalisierung kontra Umweltschutz  Handelsliberalisierung kontra Umweltschutz? Ansätze für
  eine Stärkung der umweltpolitischen Ziele in der Welt-
  [Free trade versus environmental protection? Strengthening
  environmental objectives in the world trade order].
  Analytica 2001
  (edited with W. Althammer, S. Dröge and M. Kohlhaas,
  in co-operation with D. Becker and K. Ballerstedt)

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Weltumweltpolitik zwischen Nord und Süd


11 Weltumweltpolitik zwischen Nord und Süd

  Weltumweltpolitik zwi­schen Nord und Süd: Die neue
  Ver­hand­lungs­macht der Ent­wick­lungs­­län­der
[Global envi­ronmental policy between North and South:
  The new bargain­ing power of developing countries]
  Nomos-Ver­lags­ge­sell­schaft 1995.

  The book won the Joachim Tiburtius Prize 1998 of the
  State of Ber­lin, awarded each year for the best dissertation
  of the Berlin universities.

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Zukunftsfähige Entwicklung


12 Zukunftsfaehige Entwicklung  Zukunftsfähige Entwicklung: Herausforderungen an
  Wissenschaft und Politik. Festschrift für Udo E. Simonis
  [Sustainable development: Challenges for science and policy]
  Edition sigma, 1997
  (edited with S. Büttner and C. Helm)







Saving the Atmosphere


13 Saving the Atmosphere

  Saving the Atmosphere: International Law, Developing Countries
  and Air Pollution. European University Studies, series 2 (law),
  vol. 1737
  Peter Lang 1995

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Internationale Meeresumweltpolitik


14 Internationale Meersumweltpolitik

  Internationale Meeresumweltpolitik: Auf dem Weg zu einem
  Umwelt-regime für die Ozeane?
[International marine environmental policy: Toward an
  environmental regime for the oceans?]
  European University Studies, series 31 (political science),
  vol. 248.
  Peter Lang 1994

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