Dr. S. Munaretto

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( dep. environmental policy analysis )


Stefania Munaretto holds a PhD in Analysis and Governance of Sustainable Development (2011), a post-graduate master in Environmental Policy and Law (2004), and a master degree in Environmental Science (2002) all obtained at the University of Ca’ Foscari, Venice (Italy). She currently works as researcher of environmental policy and governance at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University Amsterdam.

At IVM Stefania conducts research in the context of EU funded projects, and is involved in teaching and students supervision. As for projects, she conducted individual assessments and a cross-case analysis of irrigation water governance systems in 6 Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon) in the context of the SIRRIMED project (www.sirrimed.org; concluded in 2013). She was also involved in the CECILIA2050 project (www.cecilia2050.eu; concluded in 2015) where she investigates the political feasibility of climate policy instruments in the European Union using a mixed methodological approach that included interviews, focus groups, an on-line survey and a policy simulation with relevant stakeholders. Currently she is involved in a new project (CAPFLO; 2016-2017) which will build tools for increasing local resilience capacity building for flood mitigation in 5 EU urban river stretches. Within the project she will work on designing a participatory tool for building social and civic capacity for flood mitigation.

Previously (2005-2014) Stefania worked as researcher and policy consultant for the “Ufficio di Piano” committee whose members (scientists and policy makers) are in charge of advising the Italian government on policies and actions for the safeguarding of Venice and its lagoon. Out of this extensive experience Stefania wrote her PhD dissertation on water and environmental governance in the Venice lagoon under the pressure of climate change. She also worked as post-doctoral researcher at the University IUAV of Venice - Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments where she conducted research on learning at the science-policy interface in adaptive co-management contexts (2012). Finally, she worked as junior researcher for the design and evaluation of the European Structural Funds Programs in Italy (Veneto Region and Bolzano Province programs) with a focus on the assessment of the environmental performance of regional programs and the design of measures for sustainable development.

Stefania’s main research interests include climate mitigation and adaptation policy, water governance, adaptive governance, science-policy interactions, policy change, policy entrepreneurship, learning and participatory decision-making. As research methodologies she has gained experience with case study analysis, international case studies comparisons, policy games and simulations, focus groups, interviews, and surveys.


Policy analysis, water governance, climate policy, science-policy interactions, climate adaptation

5 Key Publications

Munaretto S., Siciliano G. & Turvani M.E. (2014). Integrating adaptive governance and participatory multi-criteria methods: a framework for climate adaptation governance. Ecology and Society,19(2), 74. http://dx.doi.org/10.5751/ES-06381-190274

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Munaretto, S., Vellinga, P. & Tobi, H. (2012). Flood Protection in Venice under Conditions of Sea-Level Rise: An Analysis of Institutional and Technical Measures. Coastal Management,40(4), 355–380. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08920753.2012.692311

Munaretto, S. & Klostermann, J. (2011). Assessing Adaptive Capacity of Institutions to Climate Change: A Comparative Case Study of the Dutch Wadden Sea and the Venice Lagoon. Climate Law,2, 219–250.