Ir. F. de Pater

Manager Knowledge Transfer Climate research programmes


In the eighties of the last century Florrie de Pater started working in development cooperation in Mozambique, being employed in the water sector for which work she was professionally trained. After three years Oxfam/NOVIB offered her a job. Subsequently, she held positions as project officer, program coordinator in Zimbabwe and, back again in the Netherlands, as senior consultant.

After twelve years of work it was time to deepen her knowledge of environmental issues and Florrie followed a MSc. course in environmental studies. Part of the study was a coastal zone management study in Poland and the Baltic states. After this study the province of Noord-Holland offered her a job as senior policy officer on strategic policy plans. Her main task was to lead teams to produce policy plans or to implement projects on improving water quality. One of the programs Florrie carried out was a research program on multi-functional land-use and water.

In Utrecht Florrie led a team of 17 people mainly involved in strategic planning. After three years she was offered a job in the program ‘Climate changes Spatial Planning’, a research program on climate change. Her main task was to involve local and regional authorities, societal groups and the business community in the program by awareness raising about the problems of climate change and by setting up projects with direct relevance to those groups. Presently, she manages a team of five people engaged in communication activities in two research programs.

Florrie started research projects in the field of climate change and urban development, climate and health and the so-called hotspots: planning projects in which theoretical research results are applied.


  • Climate and Water; 

  • Knowledge Transfer and Communication;

  • Community building and networking

Academic training

1993 – 1994

1973 – 1981

1971 – 1973

MSc. Environmental Sciences (UBM) (Amsterdam)

MSc. Land and Water Management (Wageningen)

Geology (Utrecht)

Professional employment history

2005 - present

Communication strategist in the research program ‘Climate changes Spatial Planning’ and manager Knowledge Transfer in the research program ‘Knowledge for Climate’

2002 – 2005

Head of the sector Strategy Water and the Environment, Province of Utrecht, managing a sector of 17 persons

2001 - 2002

Program office WB-21 Noorderkwartier – program manager

1994 – 2001

Province Noord-Holland – senior policy officer

  • Project leader strategic policy planning, eg. provincial Water plan,project organisation non-point pollution sources,WB-21 (water management 21th century) Noord-Holland, research program on multifunctional land use

  • Input water related issues in spatial development plans

1992 – 1993

Netherlands: NOVIB – senior consultant

  • Fact finding missions, evaluations of programmes

  • Policy preparation in the field of gender and institutional development

1988 – 1992

Zimbabwe: NOVIB – program coordinator, later representative

  • Advising NOVIB on financing projects

  • Process support for NGOs and supervising evaluations

  • Management office with four people

1981 – 1988

Netherlands: NOVIB – project officer Southern Africa

  • Advising on financing projects of non-governmental organisations in Africa

  • Support to NGOs and supervising evaluations of projects

1981 - 19084

Mozambique: National Water Directorate

  • Advising on planning and implementation of small scale irrigation systems and pump combinations

  • Setting-up and managing a department for planning and implementing irrigation systems

Site activities

  • Party leader opposition party in the District Council of Amsterdam Oud Zuid (until March 2002);

  • Secretary board NVA (Netherland Association for Water Management);

  • Board member of a journal for water professionals HO;

  • Board member of the Water Federation;

  • Secretary board MCA (Environmental Centre Amsterdam);

  • Secretary of the board of Water Natuurlijk, a party that participates in the water boards.

Language skills

Dutch:  fluent

English:  fluent

Portuguese:  good

French:  sufficient for basic purposes

German:  sufficient for basic purposes

Russian:  in the process of learning