Dr I. Manola



Iris Manola works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Water and Climate Risk department of IVM since June 2015 and is involved in the Amsterdam Waster Science project.

She currently investigates methods of modifying observed extreme precipitation events so that the outcome shows how the same event would occur in a warmer climate. This concept is introduced as ‘Future Weather’ and here is tailored towards the needs of policy makers in order to develop efficient adaptation measures with a focus on urban areas. The methods include the transformation of observed events with delta techniques that follow observed characteristics and simulations with numerical weather models, assuming future weather conditions depending on different climate scenarios.

Her background is on physics. She is specialized in environmental physics, such as atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, teleconnections, meteorology and extreme weather events. She started her research activities by investigating the effect of orography on long dry and wet spells in Greece. Then she wrote a PhD on large scale climate dynamics and weather patterns, with a focus on atmospheric and oceanic Rossby waves, the jet stream and teleconnections.


Climatology, meteorology, atmosphere and ocean dynamics, numerical modelling, climate change, data analysis, environmental awareness.

Academic training

2009-2014PhD in Climate Dynamics, KNMI and University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
2006-2008MSc Environmental physics, University of Athens
2000-2005BSc Physics, University of Athens

Professional employment history

2015- presentPostdoctoral researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies(IVM), VU University Amsterdam
2009-2014PhD researcher, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), De Bilt and University of Utrecht

Recent projects

Amsterdam Water Science

Selected publications

Manola, I. (2014). A modeling study of teleconnections and their tropical sources. PhD thesis, University of Utrecht, ISBN: 978-90-5335-900-6. URL: http://goo.gl/pa9RIQ.

Manola, I., Selten, F.M., de Ruijter, W. & Hazeleger, W. (2014). The ocean-atmosphere response to wind-induced Thermocline changes in the tropical South Western Indian Ocean. Climate Dynamics,45, (3), 989–1007. doi:10.1007/s00382-014-2338-7.

Manola, I., Selten, F.M., de Vries, H. & Hazeleger, W. (2013 ). Waveguidability of idealized jets. Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 118(18), 10,432–10,440). doi:10.1002/jgrd.50758.

Manola, I., Haarsma, R.J & Hazeleger, W. (2013 ). Drivers of North Atlantic Oscillation Events. Journal Tellus A, 65, 19741. http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/tellusa.v65i0.19741.