Researchers Department Water and Climate Risk


Department head and Director IVM
Prof. Jeroen AertsProfessor Water and Climate Risk

Academic staff
Dr Philip Ward(Deputy head) Global Water/Climate Risk Assessment
Prof. Pier VellingaProfessor Climate Change
Prof. Bart van den HurkProfessor Climate and Socio-Ecological interactions
Dr Dim CoumouAssociated Professor
Dr Hans de MoelWater/Climate Risk Modelling and E-Science
Dr Ralph LasageClimate Change Adaptation and Water Management
Dr Paolo ScussoliniClimate and water dynamics and vulnerability
Dr Brenden JongmanRisk-based Decision making in Water Management
Dr Mark BokhorstCoordinator Earth Sciences and Economics
Dr Elco KoksEconomic effects from Flood events
Dr Hans van der WoerdSatellite observations
Ted Veldkamp MScPhD Global Drought Risk Assessment

PhD students
Konstantinos Bischiniotis MScPhD Climate forecast and disaster response
Nadia BloemendaalPhD Tropical Cyclones Flood Risk
Jens de Bruijn MScPhD Social Media and Water Risk
Anaïs Couasnon PhD Compound risk of river and coastal floods in global deltas and estuaries
Job Dullaart
Dirk EilanderPhD Compound flood risk at the global scale
Johanna EnglhardtPhD Global Flood risk
Gabriela Guimarães Nobre MScPhD Climate Variability
Toon Haer MScPhD Agent-Based Modelling and Water Risk
Tadzio HoltropPhD
Fei Luo  
Sanne Muis MScPhD Global River and Coastal flood risk
Lars de RuigPhD Agent-Based Modelling and Water Risk
Marleen de Ruiter MScPhD Vulnerability to Earth Quakes and Floods
Timothy Tiggeloven
Sem VijverbergPhD
Marthe WensPhD Decision-making, drought adaptation and mitigation

External PhD’s
Yus Budiyono MScPhD Flood Risk Management in Jakarta
Jarl Kind MScPhD Flood Risk and Economic Evaluation Instruments
Chiem van Straaten
Dennis Wagenaar

Associate researchers/visiting professors