Dr M.A. Díaz Loaiza

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Postdoctoral Researcher


Manuel Andrés Díaz Loaiza is a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Water and Climate Risk of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM ) at VU University Amsterdam. His research has been focused in the last years on topics such as: computational fluid dynamics, hydrologic modelling, scour and sediment transport, stochastic models, GIS, open source programs and risk assessment. Andrés has work experience on multiple international projects and research activities in Colombia, Spain and Mexico. He has experience in teaching topics like drought and flood risk assessment, hydraulic and hydrology modelling during the last 4 years.

Currently, Andres is working on the Aqueduct Global Flood Analyser project concerning the flood risk assessment in a global scale (http://floods.wri.org/). This project aims to develop an open source database/webpage for measuring river flood impacts by urban damage, affected GDP, and affected population at the country, state, and river basin scale across the globe. He will supervise master thesis students and will contribute with the hydrology master of IVM – VU University. 


Drought and flood risk assessment, hydrology and hydraulic modelling, GIS and open source programming (R, Matlab, C++, Fortran).

Academic training

2009-2015PhD in Civil Engineering – UPC (BarcelonaTech)
2006-2009DEA Diploma (Master Equivalence UPC)
2000-2005Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Professional employment history

2015- presentPostdoctoral researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies(IVM), VU University Amsterdam
2006-2015PhD and researcher in GITS group, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona – Spain
2005-2006Staff engineer, in the project of structural reinforcement of the schools of Bogotá, National University of Colombia

Recent projects

  • Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer
  • IMPRINTS (FP7) GITS-UPC “IMproving Preparedness and RIsk maNagemenT for flash floods and debriS flow events”
  • SUFRI (Crue Era-Net) GITS-UPC “Sustainable Strategies of Urban Flood RIsk Management with non-structural measures to cope with the residual risk”

Selected publications

Diaz, A., Bateman, A. & Medina, V. (In review). Uncertainty on Structural and Non-Structural measures implementation for pluvial residual risk flooding mitigation. Journal of Flood Risk Management.

Diaz, A., Bateman, A. & Medina, V. (In review). Optimization methodology of non-structural measures implementation for pluvial residual risk flooding mitigation: The Arenys de Munt basin. Water Resources Management.

Diaz, A. & Velasco, A. (2005). Characterization and Behaviour of the Hydraulic Jump in the Slopest Rectangular Channel. Bachelor thesis. National University of Colombia, Hydraulic Department.