Y. Budiyono, MEngSc.

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faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( dep. water & climate risk )
Guest Researcher / PhD student


Yus Budiyono is a guest researcher and PhD candidate for the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM). He has joined the project Jakarta Climate Adaptation Tools (JCAT) since September 2011. His research is on flood risk assessment in Jakarta.

He is also a research associate for the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) in Jakarta since 1995. He has lead various research projects from waste management for ships and harbours in Indonesia during his early years with BPPT until ecosystem management with dynamic modeling. His latest research were on decision support system as a product of ecosystem model. Firstly, is Jakarta flood early warning system which based on simple hydrology model. Secondly, wetland ecosystem management following a regional economic system in South Kalimantan.

Budiyono has started his study on ecotoxicology of coastal ecosystem in Semarang (Diponegoro University) and later in the University of Melbourne where he observed the potential use of shellfish in a coastal wetland system. As he returned to Jakarta, he has the opportunity to explore information technology with the open source community and resulted with a new discipline that is enviromatics, where he combines environmental study and applied mathematics into information system.


Decision support system, dynamic model, wetland ecosystem.

Academic training

2006 International Science study programme on Aquatic Tropical Ecology, Zentrum fuer Marinetroepenoekologie, Bremen, Germany
2003 Course on Consultancy as a Professional Option, International Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH (InWent), Germany
2001 Course on Sustainable Use of Coastal and Marine Resource, Carl Duisberg Gessellschaft (CDG), Germany
2000 Master of Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Melbourne, Australia 
1997 Series of training on the administration, management, procedures and hardwares of marine buoys in Indonesian waters, Seawatch Indonesia, Jakarta
1993  Bachelor of Science, Department of Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University, Indonesia 

Professional employment

2011 - present Guest researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994 - present Researcher, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Jakarta, Indonesia 

Selected publications

Budiyono, Y. and Kronberg, I. (2007), Indonesien: Rotalgenkulturen für Speiseeis. Biologie in unserer Zeit, 37: 288. doi: 10.1002/biuz.200790078