Professor Biermann invited to give a presentation in Dialogue Session of UN


On the 22nd of April, the UN pays attention to the Mother Earth Day during the Dialogue Session. Biermann's presentation will be relevant to the overall theme of the Dialogue, which is "The promotion of a balanced integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development through Harmony with Nature".

Article on Brominated Flame Retardants of Ana Ballesteros-Gómez in Chemical and Engineering News


On April 4th, Chemical and Engineering News published the online article 'Scientists Uncover New Brominated Flame Retardant In Consumer Electronics', based on the article of Ballesteros-Gómez, De Boer and Leonards in Environmental Science and Technology.

Global Land Project Open Science Meeting a success


From 19 to 21 March 650 scientists gathered at Humboldt University for the 2nd Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Project. As chair of the Global Land Project Peter Verburg and his team at IVM, VU University Amsterdam, made a major contribution to the organization of the scientific programme.

Van den Bergh and Botzen publish in Nature Climate Change about the social cost of carbon


Thursday 27th March Jeroen van den Bergh and Wouter Botzen publish an article in Nature Climate Change, which critically evaluates estimates of the social cost of carbon and proposes a lower bound to the real cost of CO2 emissions.

In the journal 'Appetite', De Boer, Schösler and Aiking publish on alternative strategies to reduce meat consumption


In their article "Meatless days" or "less but better"? De Boer, Schösler and Aiking point out that the protein consumption in The Netherlands can easily be reduced with 30 percent, because we consume 60% more than we need. Doing so would benefit our health, environment, and future food security. Current meat production has negative effects on human health, animal welfare, and our natural environment.

Publication on ecosystem services as a contested concept in Conservation Letters


Ecosystem services are the contributions of ecosystems to human well-being. The ecosystem services concept has gained interest in- and outside of science. However, the concept is also increasingly contested and encounters critique from different scientific disciplines and practitioners. For instance, the concept has been criticised for its supposed anthropocentric and economic focus or its conceptual vagueness.

Digital Handbook on EU environmental policy launched


IVM researchers Nicolien van der Grijp, Frans Oosterhuis, and Thijs Etty have contributed to the newly launched digital Handbook on EU Environmental Policy and the Netherlands, together with colleagues from the T.M.C. Asser Institute, and the Amsterdam Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainability (ACELS; University of Amsterdam).

Brenden Jongman and colleagues publish in Nature Climate Change about European flood risk


An article by Brenden Jongman, Philip Ward, Jeroen Aerts, Wouter Botzen and colleagues of partner institutions published online today in Nature Climate Change, investigates the financial risks posed by large-scale floods across the European Union.

Aiking on local Amsterdam television on Meatless Monday on schools


The UvA and the Hogeschol Amsterdam have started the initiative to serve no longer meat on Monday. In reaction to this initiative, the radio programme De Stelling van Amsterdam asks four people to give their opinion on this initiative. Harry Aiking is the interviewed expert researcher; other interviewees are a representative of Stichting Lekker Dier and a student of the UvA.

Dematerialization in a Circular Economy for Europe


European Commissioner Janez Potočnik visited the Institute for Environmental Studies at the VU on 10 February 2014 to discuss his vision with students and staff about new environmentalism, global resource constraints and the imperative for the European economy to get circular on the short term.

Huitema and colleagues secure half a million Euros for Climate Governance Research


Huitema and colleagues at the University of East Anglia and the Open University have successfully secured funding from the COST program of the European Union.

EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik meets ERM students on February 10


EU Commissioner Potočnik is in Amsterdam to present the urgent need to transform Europe's economies to meet the threat of global resource depletion. He is particularly keen on delivering a talk and take part in a Q&A with ERM students. He will do this on February 10th, from 14 to 15 hour in the VU Auditorium.

Professor Aerts gets prestigious VICI scholarship of one and a half million euro from NWO


Professor Jeroen Aerts gets the VICI scholarship to stimulate the research on the relationship between urban planning and the risk of flooding. Is men 'in control' with regard to flood risk: that is the central question the research is going to concentrate on.

IVM meets Industrial Design


Dr. Heather Leslie, a leading marine litter expert at IVM entered a collaboration with industrial designers at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK), guest lecturing in the postgraduate ID program this semester.

Harry Aiking reflects on his career in VVM magazine 'Milieu'


In the interview for 'Milieu', Aiking mentions that he has learned two important things at the IVM: firstly, the added value of working in multidisciplinary teams to solve environmental problems, and secondly financial, commercial and economic insights while acquiring funds for research projects.

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