Heat waves cost Australian economy billions in productivity


Heat stress may lead to significant absenteeism and reduced productivity in the workplace, reports a paper published by Wouter Botzen and colleagues in Nature Climate Change. The study estimates that this lost productivity costs the Australian economy US$6.2 billion in 2013/14.

How are ecosystem services demands currently accounted for in ecosystem service mapping?


Mapping the demand for ecosystem services (ES) has received increased attention in scientific research and is seen as a relevant tool to inform conservation planning, land- use planning and management. Yet, to improve indicator quality and policy relevance of ES demand maps, there is a need for a shared understanding of demand as well as robust, credible, and accurate indicators for demand.

Changing mechanisms of global water scarcity events


An international research team with Ted Veldkamp, Hans de Moel, Philip Ward and Jeroen Aerts of the Institute for Environmental Studies studied the main drivers for water scarcity conditions.

Plastic microparticles in food and drinks


Heather Leslie and Martin van Velzen of the IVM Laboratory collaborated with the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation DR Byen to investigate the occurrence of plastic microparticles in food and drinks from Danish supermarkets.

IVM launches Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer


This week, the Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer was launched, a new global flood-risk assessment tool developed by the World Resources Institute, the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of VU University Amsterdam, Deltares, Utrecht University, and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Environmental toxicologist Harry Aiking on the book ‘Meat: the future’ in Dutch Newspaper ‘Trouw’


In Trouw’s Sustainability section, environmental toxicologist Harry Aiking (Institute for Environmental Studies) illustrates the contents of the book ‘Meat: the future’ with our consumption patterns.

Ocean currents complicate reconstructions of past climate


Reconstruction of the past ocean water temperature, based on shells of micro-plankton from the ocean sediment, to study past climates, has to take into account the transportation of these shells by currents.

Ocean acidification threat for shell fisheries


As part of an international team, environmental economist Luke Brander (Institute for Environmental Studies) and his colleagues found that 16 out of 23 regions in the US are exposed to rapid acidification.

Marine litter researcher meets NEMO!


IVM marine litter research is being presented in the form of a children’s lecture at the NEMO Science Centre, Amsterdam.

Aerts, Botzen and De Moel win the Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize


Jeroen Aerts, Wouter Botzen and Hans de Moel received this prestigious prize from Lloyd’s in London for their article “Evaluating flood resilience strategies for coastal mega-cities” that was recently published in the journal Science.

Professor Juliette Legler new chair of SENSE


IVM is proud to announce that Prof. Juliette Legler of IVM has been appointed as the new chair of the SENSE Research School (www.sense.nl).

Heather Leslie talks microplastics on Dutch tv program ‘Kassa Groen’


Monday 15 December, 2015 channel NPO 2 at 19:20

Successful Global Land Project workshop on ‘Telecoupling’


Peter Verburg co-organized a successful workshop on ‘Telecoupling in Land Systems’. Globalized markets and decisions by distant and transnational governance bodies influence land systems to an ever increasing degree and the connectivity of these processes is still accelerating.

Phd thesis defense Petra Booij: “Identification of contaminants in the Dutch estuarine and coastal waters affecting photosynthesis of marine micro-algae”.


At 12 December at 09.45 Petra Booij will defend her Ph d thesis entitled “Identification of contaminants in the Dutch estuarine and coastal waters affecting photosynthesis of marine micro-algae”.

Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) evaluated as one of the “worldwide leaders in sustainability studies”


The 2014 international research assessment “Environmental and Sustainability Sciences” in the Netherlands concluded that the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) “has excellently achieved its mission … by becoming one of the trend-setting, internationally recognized sustainability directed research and education centers in the world.”

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