Mirja Schoderer wins the VU Master Thesis prize 2017

She (left on the photo) is a Master student Environment and Resource Management at IVM and won the prize for her research on the effect of water harvesting on drought vulnerability of farmer households in Kenya.

02/05/2018 | 4:43 PM

She concludes that these systems reduce their drought vulnerability by 40%. Other determinants of vulnerability are whether or not an off-farm income exists, the number of livelihood activities that a household engages in and the households economic situation. Her research shows that households with water harvesting systems use less time to gather water. This time can be used for as attending school, or economic activities. The excess water, however, is only sparsely used by households to irrigate crops. This is subject for further research. 

The jury report praises Mirja on the amount of work she has done to gather the information, thoughtful analysis of the data, and her excellent English writing. According to the jury her relevant work shows a critical scientific mentality, following a thorough scientific method, and ending with a good discussion of the results and their implications.

For more information on the prize or the research, please contact ralph.lasage@vu.nl

Photo: Yvonne Compier