Workshop 1 June: Earth System Governance scholars from across Europe convene at IVM

The Earth System Governance (ESG) research alliance – the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change – is organizing a research trip for early career research fellows.

05/17/2018 | 4:43 PM

The aim of the trip is to visit several universities, research institutes and other institutions across Europe to discuss Earth System Governance research and broaden the network. Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June the participants will spend their time in the Netherlands and visit Utrecht University, Wageningen University, and the final destination of the trip: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. To demonstrate how IVM’s research relates to Earth System Governance, IVM will be organizing a workshop on Friday 1 June starting at 14.00h, around an important topic: Communicating, Visualizing and Presenting Academic Research. The workshop will kick off with a tour by the VU’s Green Office showing the sustainability initiatives on the VU campus. Thereafter, IVM colleagues Prof. Philipp Pattberg and Dr Oscar Widerberg will present their project CONNECT IT, taking stock of fragmentation in global environmental politics, and their well-designed website with impressive features to visualize their study on climate change governance. Finally, one of the ESG trip’s participants, Yu Yang (Sichuan Agricultural University), will present his PhD research on ‘Villagers’ Willingness to contribute to Public Infrastructure: The Role of Lineage and Outmigration’. The workshop will be a great occasion to share innovative ways of presenting academic work and a great platform for plenty of discussions. Those who are interested can sign up for the IVM workshop, and for the workshops at Utrecht University and Wageningen University, by sending an e-mail to: For a more detailed programme follow this link.