New Specialization in the Earth Sciences Master: Global Environmental Change and Policy

From September 2018 on, IVM, in collaboration with the department of Earth Sciences, will offer a new specialization in the Earth Sciences Master programme: Global Environmental Change and Policy.

04/25/2018 | 4:22 PM

This specialization integrates the disciplinary insights from Earth Sciences, Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy and Governance to arrive at interdisciplinary solutions to the complex sustainability problems of tomorrow. The first year lays the groundwork in the three disciplines and methods of interdisciplinary research, including fieldwork. From a strong grounding in Earth Sciences, we explore integrated approaches towards solving global sustainability challenges by adding the insights of environmental economics and environmental policy studies. Climate change is a central and cross-cutting theme throughout this specialization. In the second year our students can deepen their studies in three distinct streams: energy, ecosystems and biodiversity, and water. Our motto is: 'Integrating Earth Sciences, Environmental Economics and Governance to address tomorrow’s complex sustainability challenges'.

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