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IVM held a side-event at UNFCCC meeting

During the first week of the global climate conference UNFCCC’s preparatory meeting in Bonn, IVM held a side-event on 'New Approaches for Analyzing and Visualizing the Integrity of the Global Climate Governance Regime'.

IVM organised the event together with the University of Melbourne and included speakers from Transparency International, Griffith’s University, and the Austrian Federal Environment Agency. 

IVM’s Oscar Widerberg gave a sneak peek of a new website called CONNECT-IT that the Environmental Policy Analysis department is working on. It visualizes data on climate actions by companies, cities, regions, investors and civil society organizations, in a new and exciting way.

Earth Negotiation Bulletin (ENB) coverage of the event can be found here: http://enb.iisd.org/climate/sb46/enbots/9may.html#event-4

For more information on the event or the homepage, talk to Oscar Widerberg or Philipp Pattberg.

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