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NAV’s Best Paper Award 2016 goes to Corné van Dooren and Harry Aiking

With their multidisciplinary paper, Corné van Dooren (Dutch Nutrition Centre) and Harry Aiking (Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) have been awarded the First Prize by the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences (NAV).

Corné van Dooren

Every year, the NAV (Nederlandse Academie van Voedingswetenschappen) awards three publication prizes during their annual convention. On 3 November 2016, NAV’s Best Paper Award 2016 went to Corné van Dooren for his paper: Defining a nutritionally healthy, environmentally friendly, and culturally acceptable Low Lands Diet, which he wrote as a part of his dissertation (due at VU University by the middle of 2017), together with his PhD supervisor Harry Aiking. In this paper, nutritionally healthy, sustainable and culturally accepted diets are defined, based on current and recent diets. As a proxy for sustainability, GHGEs (greenhouse gas emissions) and LU (land use) have been quantified of the 206 most consumed food products in the Netherlands, on the basis of existing LCA (life cycle assessment) data. On the basis of 10 nutritional characteristics, such as fibre content (positive) and salt content (negative) their associated health scores have been calculated. By means of linear programming current food patterns have been optimised to find diets that are as healthy and as sustainable as possible and, moreover, culturally acceptable, i.e. as close to current patterns as possible. The study concluded that huge gains with respect to both health and sustainability are not exclusively found by following the highly praised traditional Mediterranean and Scandinavian diets, but that the traditional Low Lands Diet has at least the same potential.

For more pictures of the ceremony, please see: http://voedingsacademie.nl/nieuws/corne-dooren-wint-nav-publicatieprijs-2016/

van Dooren, C. & Aiking, H. (2016). Defining a nutritionally healthy, environmentally friendly, and culturally acceptable Low Lands Diet. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 21, 688–700.

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