Pim Leonards appointed as Professor Environmental Bioanalytical Chemistry

Dr Pim Leonards of IVM's C&B department has been appointed as professor in Environmental Bioanalytical Chemistry. Pim Leonards received an MSc in Biology from the University of Amsterdam (1990) and a PhD in analytical chemistry from the VU University (1997).

01/26/2016 | 3:17 PM

His thesis work was done at IVM on the topic: 'PCBs in mustelids; analysis, food chain transfer and critical levels'. After his IVM period he fulfilled a postdoc position at the dept Analytical Chemistry under Prof. Udo Brinkman. In 1999 he moved to the Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research, where he started to work as a scientist/project manager on environmental studies with Prof. de Boer. In 2006 Pim Leonards, together with Prof. de Boer and several other colleagues moved from the Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research to IVM, where they merged into the existing department C&B. During his IVM period Pim Leonards worked on a large number of different projects. He was in particular successful in coordinating two large European research projects ENFIRO (on safe alternatives for flame retardants) and DENAMIC (on neurotoxic effects of chemicals). Also, he successfully worked in a number of European Marie Curie training networks with several international PhD students. In addition he has coordinated a large number of projects for international industrial umbrella organizations. One of his ambitions for his new position is to further interconnect the exposure and effect assessment of chemicals using recent breakthroughs in analytical chemistry, 'omics', in particular metabolomics, and molecular snapshot technologies.