No 2 July 2012

How well can we estimate flood risks?

spaceAssessing flood risk is pivotal in modern flood risk management. Knowing what could happen, and where, enables to take the right measures in the right places. Such flood risk assessments are, however, inherently uncertainty because of the many types of input data and models involved. Recent research at IVM has quantified this uncertainty and shows which factors contribute most to this uncertainty. The results indicate that uncertainties are substantial and originate for a large part from components that are relatively scarcely researched.


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The production of Certified Reference Material for PFAS in fish and water

cbIVM (Chemistry & Biology) have been involved in the PERFOOD project (FP7-KBBE-2008-2B ref. nr. 227525) since the start in 2009. The project focuses on the development of robust and reliable analytical tools, including reference materials for the determination of perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) in food items. IVM's main objective within PERFOOD is to ensure a high quality control of the analysis of PFAS.

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Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development. Emergence, Influence and Legitimacy.

epaNew book published by IVM researchers Philipp Pattberg, Frank Biermann, Sander Chan and Ayşem Mert.

With the 2012 Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development only some weeks ahead, viable strategies for achieving a transition to a sustainable future are urgently needed. For many observers, public-private partnerships for sustainable development that combine the competences of the private sector, civil society and public authorities, are a crucial element in this process. A new book recently published by IVM researchers provides a first authoritative assessment of existing experiences with partnerships for sustainable development, ten years after the Johannesburg Summit that emphasized the partnership idea.

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Roy Brouwer chief editor of new journal Water Resources & Economics

eeA new journal, Water Resources & Economics, was launched on the 1st of May by Elsevier. Its editor in chief is IVM department head Prof Roy Brouwer. The journal aims to fill a significant gap in the environmental and resource economics literature, by focusing on the rapidly growing field of water economics.

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