Chemistry and Biology> Because the Earth matters
Chemistry and Biology

Our department develops methods for the analysis of chemicals. We follow their environmental fate, test their toxicity, advise authorities, train other laboratories in measuring them, and teach young people in this highly specialized work.

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Economics> Because the Earth matters

Our department investigates whether and how economic growth and environmental sustainability can be reconciled. Applying a wide range of tools to advance at empirical, methodological and theoretical levels, our economists and econometrists also generate specific policy advice.

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Policy and Governance> Because the Earth matters
Policy and Governance

The Department of Environmental Policy Analysis is a vibrant international group of about thirty researchers, faculty members and PhD students who share an interest in analysing policies, institutions and governance mechanisms in the field of sustainable development.

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Spatial Analysis> Because the Earth matters
Spatial Analysis

Our department investigates the role of spatial variation in environmental systems to increase our understanding of environmental change and support environmental management.

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Teaching> Because the Earth matters

The IVM participates in two Master Programmes, the MSc Environment and Resource Management and the MSc Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology. The IVM also has over 30 PhD researchers.

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